Affordable and Efficient TaoTao Mopeds for Sale:50cc Scooter & 150cc Scooter

If you need a fun filled mode of transportation with not so strict licensing requirement then go for TaoTao motor scooters or mopeds for sale. TaoTao scooters are some of the most efficient and affordable scooters available on the market! They are stylish, reliable and mostly vary in engine quality and speed. While making a choice to ride a TaoTao scooter with 49CC, 50CC, 150CC, 200CC, and 250CC engines, you will have unlimited fun on the road but in the rarest of cases if something goes wrong, then it is very easy to fix your scooter as the parts are cheap and quick to buy. Just like all other motor vehicles, a little care and regular maintenance will make your TaoTao scooter run a long way. No matter whether it is a 50cc scooter, 150cc scooter or 49 scooter from TaoTao, you can be sure of great fun of ride with good care. TaoTao scooters are a perfect fit for recreational purpose as well as short distance rides.  All of them come in a wide range of styles and engine sizes to match with your speed requirement. You will always be able to find them in bright and exciting colors to suit your individual personality!

50cc Scooter

TaoTao Scooters are not just fast but also fuel efficient. Most of them can travel to a great distance per unit of fuel burnt! With such kind of high fuel economy, you can expect these motor scooters to save you fuel cost in the long run. TaoTao scooters are inexpensive in comparison to other mopeds or scooters.  The size and weight of the body varies, as well as the engine capacity, which ranges from 50cc to 150cc. TaoTao 50cc scooter is relatively smaller than the 150cc scooters but suits all those who care to travel around town with maximum speeds of around 35 miles per hour (based on terrain, weather, weight, etc.). However, if you’re looking for something faster, TaoTao 150cc scooters can help with a maximum speed capacity of 50+mph.

50cc Scooter

In many states, 50cc scooters don’t require a motorcycle license to go down the street. Due to small size, they are easy to navigate and park even on the footpath. The motorcycle license is mandatory in some states to operate 150cc scooters and not in a few others. You should check with your local Department of Motor Vehicle and/or other governing organisations to confirm your local laws and needs before purchasing one for personal use.

50cc Scooter

Top Picks in 50cc Scooters:

  • TaoTao ATM50-A is an entry level scooter selling at an amazingly low price which you can afford!
  • The TaoTao CY50-A is a super stylish option available with the letters VIP carved on the body giving extra importance to the rider.
  • The TaoTao 50cc Thunder gas scooter is another popular choice in 50cc scooters which comes with a mix of toughness, reasonableness and price.
  • The New Speed 50 comes with an option to interchange black color body panels according to your change in mood.

50cc Scooter

Top Picks in 150cc Scooters

  • The TaoTao Power-max 150 is the most demandable 150cc scooter. It gives you great credibility as the mark of “VIP” appears on the side!
  • With its rough look and large engine, the TaoTao CY-150D 150CC scooter is a favorite scooter option.
  • TaoTao Quantum is another option coming with a potent engine and even more impressive look!

50cc Scooter

Lowest Price Atvs has an updated stock including all the above mentioned TaoTao 50cc scooters and 150cc scooters for those who are looking to ride cheap yet high quality scooters. Being a familiar name in the power bikes industry, Lowest Price Atvs maintains an extensive inventory and assures quicker shipping, faster delivery to customers after placing an order. To grab on the lowest price offers on TaoTao 50cc or 150cc scooter, consider calling Lowest Price Atvs now at 1 (800) 424-3160.

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